Hethel Innovation

Hethel Innovation homes businesses at their Hethel Engineering Centre in Norwich, offering tenants a supportive and engaged space for offices, workshops, hot desking and events.
Hethel Innovation

Hethel Engineering Centre were looking for new and improved networking services. This included upgrading the existing internet service to dual 1Gbps internet connections and providing all tenants with a base of 100Mbps as their included offer.

The onsite network switches were upgraded to cater for the increased bandwidth along with our hosted firewall solution and corporate Wi-Fi solution.

Services used

  • Resilient Broadband Circuits
  • Managed Network Infrastructure
  • RADIUS controlled Wi-Fi (Allowing businesses to roam campus)
  • Onsite Support


The full site benefits from upgraded connectivity, which is faster and more secure than the legacy network. Tenants can opt for superfast (500Mbps) and hyperfast (1Gbps) connectivity as per their requirement.

What the client said

Andrew Narayn-Barrow, Head of Estate, Hethel Innovation, said:

“Historically, we’d had poor speeds, signal and reliability. Upgrading our network has meant that the number of issues has reduced exponentially across site, the network is now wider spread, reliability is significantly increased, and speeds are 10x what was available previously.

The communication has always been consistent and clear. Response times to tickets is much better than we had previously and the desire of Communicate to work directly with our tenants on problems is also invaluable.

The change in price has been minimal and the improvement in service enormous, this is far greater value for money for both us and our tenants.

The site is growing and expanding, with plans for a new building over the next five years. We expect the relationship with Communicate to continue as we look to offer cutting edge connectivity to all our tenants.”

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