Whether your business employs one or 100,000 people, we provide tailor-made telecoms that scale and adapt to suit your requirements.

Tailor-made telecoms that scale

Despite the increased emphasis on web chats and video calls, reliable telecommunications remain a crucial part of day to day business needs. Even in a world of direct messages, they offer the most direct and effective way to communicate.

Regardless of your sector or size, we provide tailor-made telecoms to suit your business needs.

Telecoms Platform

From VoIP to apps, our bespoke telecoms solutions deliver unrivalled levels of flexibility and communication. Designed for rapid connection, your numbers can either be linked to our hosted SIP platform or your own telephone system.

VoIP For Business

Our VoIP packages provide the services you need via fibre connections for best and most reliable way to connect your calls, at the right price for you.

We take care of everything from transfer to set up, allowing you to continue business as usual.

Call Routing

First impressions are key. And for many new clients and potential partners, that starts with a phone call.

From capturing calls to getting your callers to the right person, we take care of telecoms and keep your customers happy.  

We can also help create a wider geographic presence both in the UK and overseas, with our own dedicated SIP platform allowing you to connect and route calls around the world.

For times when it’s needed most, we have an inbuilt disaster recovery solution which automatically routes calls via alternative carriers, should a network fault occur. Similarly, if there’s an issue with your own equipment, you have the option to route calls to additional destinations.



Even if you’re on the move, you can stay connected with landline to mobile numbers that help you build your presence, establish reputation and increase coverage.

With no long-term contract, fixed line installation, or the need for equipment, this is a perfect option for small and start-up businesses that are looking to take the next step.

You’ll have the flexibility to choose your new landline to mobile number from a range of geographical and non-geographical numbers, including global codes and 0800 freephone. Even changing where you route calls is easy through our online portal.



Handsets and hard phones can be provided, reducing the expense of installing your own system and providing direct dial numbers at a flexible low monthly cost.

As well as hosted services, we offer onsite VoIP solutions which provide additional functionality including voicemail, caller ID, call queuing, hold, transfer and forward, call recording, conference calling, remote working and more.

Working with award-winning app and software partners, we enable telephones to be used through existing servers, on a low-cost computer or in the cloud. This unlocks the possibilities of remote working, while still being just as safe, secure and in control. It also means that no expensive hardware is required.

Mass Alert Platform

Mass Alert Platform

Contact 100,000 individuals in one fell swoop with the Mass Alert Platform, keeping your staff and clients engaged and safe in all events.

Whether it’s a call, SMS or email, reach the people you need to, when you need to. Learn more here.

Strongest Signal SIM

Mobile blackspots, poor signal and unreliable coverage can hamper rural businesses and workers. But with Strongest Signal SIM, you can have the power of three mobile networks in one SIM.

When your signal is lost your device will attempt to connect to another available network, giving you optimal coverage for both calls, SMS and data roaming.

  • Mountain Rescue trusts
  • Rural workers
  • Emergency services
  • NHS district doctors and nurses


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