Hoxton Farms

​Hoxton Farms grow real animal fat, without the animals, to make a delicious and sustainable ingredient for the meat alternatives industry. They were a new tenant at the recently renovated HYLO in 2023.
Hoxton Farms

Hoxton Farms reached out to Communicate to provide their onsite networks services, given that Communicate delivered the network during the renovation of the HYLO building and can get new tenants onboarded onto the network extremely quickly.

Services used

  • Superfast Broadband
  • Manged Network Infrastructure
  • Manged Wireless Access Points
  • AWS Direct Connect


Communicate were a part of the infrastructure build and design of the Hoxton Farms office, including the placement of access points needed for the build, and provided help with project management to ensure that the networks services were delivered on time with minimal disruption.

What the client said

Ed Steele, the Co-Founder at Hoxton Farms said:

“Getting connected to the network at HYLO was made much more seamless by the help of the team at Communicate, who even helped us down to the details of where to put our access points. We would recommend Communicate’s network and broadband services to tenants moving into HYLO. Having a trusted in-house provider made our transition much easier.”


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