Keepsafe is a windows and doors repair company that prides itself on delivering great customer service across the whole of North Yorkshire.

The client was using a fixed landline for their calls which would become inactive after the 2025 analogue switch off. They were looking for a solution that would allow them to keep their number in the switch to digital telecoms. So, we moved their existing number over to our telecoms platform and created a virtual number that transferred calls through to mobile.

Services used

  • VOIP Telephony


Keepsafe now has their number protected and their telecoms digitalised, which future proofs their calls against the industry changes in the next few years. The virtual number means they can answer calls on the go and deliver on their great customer service, whilst decreasing their monthly costs on landline.

What the client said

Peter Winder, the Partner of Keepsafe said:

“Sorting out our telephones and switching to digital has been in my periphery for a while, so it feels good to have the job done. It didn’t impact our day-to-day operations. I was emailed with a date for the transition, nothing needed to be done on my end and there was no disruption to service.

Dialling from my mobile displays our office number, which we always advertise. This increases the chances of customers answering, saving us time on messages and callbacks. The desktop app is user-friendly too. I would 100% recommend this service for anyone who wants to change to a digital telecom connection before the analogue line gets switched off.”

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