National Supply and Distribution Company

For our clients security, their testimonial has been anonymised.
National Supply and Distribution Company

A national supply and distribution company came to us initially for our Stolen Credential Monitoring. After finding they had credentials for sale on the dark web, we performed penetration testing to provide advisories for securing their environment.

Over the past few years, Communicate Technology have worked with their unique requirements to develop and embed a series of Cyber Security, Network and Telecoms improvements to allow them to satisfy the requirements for AEO (Authorised Economic Operator) accreditation.

Services used

  • NAZAR X (Commuincate’s SIEM)
  • Stolen Credential Monitoring
  • Managed firewall
  • Penetration testing
  • Leased line
  • VOIP


Our client is now using state of the art preventative technologies to strengthen their cyber security posture, as well as a VOIP telecommunications system, fibre lines to their offices, firewall protection and importantly AEO status. Access to our full team of experts within the NOC and the SOC means they benefit from a leading provider who can provide a complete service for a more protected, connected and resilient network within their offices and digital environments.

What the client said

The IT Manager of this National Supply and Distribution Company said:

“Working with Communicate has given us peace of mind, we know that cutting edge technology is being utilised by their in-house SOC experts to monitor and respond to threats around the clock, helping us to proactively prevent breaches before they occur.

Communicate have even helped us out with advice and fixes on solutions not provided by them when other vendors were unhelpful. This type of support gave us great confidence in moving all our communications and security solutions over to Communicate.”

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