Fil Schiannini

Account Manager

Phone Number: 01740 661079

Mobile Number: 07957 006111

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Fil Schiannini
Fil Joined Communicate as an Account Manager at the start of 2023. He focuses primarily on looking after tenants and landlords, but also brings new sites into the Communicate client base.

He began working in the printing industry before the advent of Desktop Publishing. However, having started off typing code into a ZX Spectrum from computer magazines while still at school, the new technology came naturally to him. Eventually, he found himself installing and maintaining a firewall and a mail server and creating a bulk emailing system based on PHPMailer.

Almost inevitably he went on to work for a software vendor which started him on the Account Management pathway some 15 years ago.

Having moved from a Channel role into the Science Park, Business Park and Multi-Tenanted building sector in 2021, Fil brings a healthy mix of technological knowledge and client facing experience to Communicate and is helping the team expand and grow in the Cambridge, London and Eastern region.

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