Increase your product offering with Communicate’s Partner Programme

With new products and services launching weekly and cyber security threats rising, keeping up with the fast pace technology industry is difficult. Introducing new product offerings to tackle the demand can be a strain on organisations who don’t have the resources of a full security operations centre (SOC) on hand. Published on: 13th September 2021
Increase your product offering with Communicate’s Partner Programme

Here at Communicate we have launched an innovative partner programme after our research found that businesses were struggling to offer their clients a full cyber security service. Our commitment to continuously improve our infrastructure and systems, whilst responding to market demands, means we can pass on the latest tech benefits to your clients and so much more.

Becoming a Communicate Partner opens up the possibility to offer more extensive services to your clients and engage with a new customer base. The partnership provides you with access to sell top breed security services and solutions on the market right now, and be able to present your clients with a 24/7 managed service provided by our UK-based SOC.

If you’re not a cyber security specialist, technology jargon can be hard to understand, that’s why we work with your sales and marketing team to provide presale support and offer training on our services free of charge.

There are so many partnership advantages that not only benefit your clients, but also your revenue. You will gain access to our employee’s experience and knowledge, benefit from up to 50% reseller discount on services and gain up to 33% commission. With this you not only become a trusted advisor in your client’s eyes, but you can succeed in maximising profits for your organisation.

  • Penetration testing (including Red Team testing)
  • Managed SIEM
  • Social Engineering
  • Managed 24/7/365 defence
  • Managed 24/7/365 Monitoring, Alerting and response
  • Product installation
  • Managed Vulnerability Scanning
  • 24/7/365 Stolen Credential Monitoring monitoring for all company and personal emails
  • Managed Cloud Security Solutions
  • Continuous Security Testing

Extend your portfolio and provide a full cyber security service to your customer base with our new partnership programme, for more information contact:

Speak to our engineers and experts.