Blog: How can you prevent security breaches?

Published on: 18th December 2020
Blog: How can you prevent security breaches?

What are cyber criminals looking for?

Cyber criminals seek out vulnerabilities within systems, usually to steal sensitive data and company information, to generate a profit. If you don’t have the right cyber security in place this can incur substantial costs and damage to brand reputations.

“Almost half of businesses (46%) and a quarter of charities (26%) report having cyber security breaches or attacks in the last 12 months.”

How can you prevent security breaches?


Educating employees about basic cyber-attack methods and ways to prevent them are essential. Human errors cause 90%* of cyber-incidents.

Remote attacks rely heavily on human habits, by removing bad practice it can greatly reduce the chances of a breach. Once employees know the impacts of cyber security attacks, as well as the methods cyber criminals use, they can adapt the way they work to create a secure environment.

Breach detection and response

Choosing the right detection technology like a SIEM (security information and event management) solution is vital. Security Information and Event Management solutions monitor, detect and respond to threats, providing a real-time view of what is happening on a network 24/7/365. SIEM collects data gathered from numerous sources from a business’s infrastructure then, when the solution identifies a threat, the system will create an alert.


Cyber security relies on 24/7 monitoring; many businesses cannot afford their own security operations centre or a cyber security team which operates around the clock. Therefore, this means it can be difficult to monitor and detect cyber breaches even if you have detection technology in place.

Outsourcing cyber security to a team of experts ensures your systems and infrastructure are monitored 24/7/365 with reliable specialists there ready to respond to any alerts created by SIEM.

Over 90% of solutions our penetration testers test against are configured incorrectly or not monitored so the tester slips through undetected.

For many organisations Security Information and Event Management solutions may seem complicated. Get in touch to discuss how we can help you to prevent security breaches.

*Analysis of data breach reports filed with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO)

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