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Detection & Response

We cover monitoring, detection,  response,

as well as managed antivirus, managed firewalls and vulnerability scanning.

Monitoring, Detection and Response (SIEM)

Maximise threat detection with next generation proven technologies monitored 24/7 by our cyber security experts.

Not all organisations can afford to run their own security operations centre. Two key challenges are training and retaining the staff to monitor events and alerts coming from a SIEM solution. Nazar, our fully managed monitoring, detection and response service combines next generation security information and event management (SIEM) with our cyber security experts monitoring and investigating suspicious activity.

Our comprehensive reporting capabilities combine the convenience of pre-packaged reports, with the extensive knowledge of our engineers to provide you with custom reports. These custom reports enable the ease of “fit for purpose” data distribution.

Managed Firewalls

Our managed firewall service includes guidance, administration, monitoring and maintenance of firewall infrastructure. This frees up your staff for the more important jobs which are often missed, such as patching and securing your web facing systems.

By using our managed services, it is possible to avoid falling victim to costly and disruptive cyber attacks.Keeping our costs as low as possible, we incorporate cutting-edge next generation security solutions into our fully managed services to give you the best security protection layers. This means that you get monitored and protected 24/7/365 without the cost of employing additional personnel.

In addition to our managed services, we also offer our clients hardware leasing options, with auto-hardware renewal after 3 years.

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Managed Vulnerability Scanning

Our non-destructive scan is designed to emulate what hackers do and shows you what they see when they look at your web-facing systems.

As a penetration testing company that monitors and manages hundreds of client networks, we know how hackers work. We also know what tools hackers use; making use of these same tools to safely replicate what they do and give you a report to show how to remediate the issues we find.

  • 66% of organisations are not following industry standard baselines for security hygiene
  • Over 40% of organisations are not scanning for vulnerabilities weekly
  • 85% of breaches in 2017 used known vulnerabilities a scan would pick up

Our fully managed vulnerability scanning service offers daily, weekly, monthly or quarterly scans to suit you and your budget. Many of our clients also use the service for ad-hoc scans, for example when they have made changes to their web facing systems and need a one-off scan urgently.

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