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Remediation & Incident Response

Our multidisciplinary team, proactively respond to incidents

and attacks affecting your organisation providing remediation & incident response

Incident Response Service

Served by an expert, multidisciplinary team, our Incident Response Service is on hand to respond at short notice to actual or suspected incidents and cyber attacks affecting your organisation.

We provide management and technical expertise to support executive, business and technical leaders from initial incident discovery through containment, eradication, resuming business as usual activities and conducting post-incident reviews.

Support for any cyber security incident

We provide organisations with effective and business-orientated CIRM services. Our service is also designed to support mandatory requirements from the Security Policy Framework (SPF) and the ISO 27001 standard, as well as integrating with the information risk policy and management guidance from the Cabinet Office and CESG, including Forensic Readiness Planning.

  • Violation of an explicit or implied Security Policy
  • Attempts to gain unauthorised access
  • Unwanted denial of resources
  • Unauthorised use
  • Changes without the owner’s knowledge, instruction or consent

Robust response process

Our engineers and consultants are experienced in developing a robust incident response process and reacting to incidents when they occur.

Our service includes:

  • Manage and respond to high-consequence events which have the potential to seriously disrupt operations, damage reputation and reduce shareholder value
  • Assist clients with their technical and forensic analysis of incidents
  • Assess incident and support containment / minimisation of damage
  • Support clients in their internal communications and reporting

Additional incident response plan services include  assessment, development, table-top exercises and training.

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