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Mass Alert Platform

In any organisation, communication is key. But if you’re a large enterprise, contacting and checking in with your entire team and customer base at the drop of a hat can be a major logistical feat.
Spread your message effectively

Spread your message effectively

Whether it’s a natural disaster, a terrorism threat, or customer engagements and appointment reminders, the Mass Alert Platform is designed to allow you to contact and interact with the people you need to, when you need to.

You can touch base with up to 100,000 individuals via SMS, voice and email channels with one interaction with the platform. This means that all communications can be effectively transferred and tracked within one solution.

With automated retargeting and scheduled responses, you can focus on what matters in that moment and allow the platform to spread your message effectively.


Grab people’s attention and get your message heard in a personal way with a voice call.


Allow your message to be understood instantly via this direct and to the point channel, with a reply address and embedded URLs as you need them.


Provide attachments and embedded phone numbers to provide your receiver with more information.

Automate Your Communications

Automate Your Communications

Each user can respond immediately to an alert, with their details automatically recorded and logged for security and compliance. This allows users who have not replied to be re-targeted with a second alert in a specified timescale or contacted by alternative means.

Whether it’s for commercial, safety, or legal reasons, the Mass Alert Platform can help you contact the people you need. For example, during:

  • Emergencies – Extreme weather, accidents, terrorism, natural and business disasters all require a quick response for safety.
  • Customer engagement – Order and account updates, promotions and planned maintenance need communicating reliably and timely.

This efficient communication is key in organisations dealing in everything from FMCGs, offshore activities and councils.

How It Works

How It Works

Rest assured that your communications will be delivered in a manner which is:

  • Efficient – You’ve the option to schedule or save alerts with predetermined messages for potential situations, like an emergency evacuation of a building.
  • Automated – The system can trigger follow on actions in the event your message is not responded to in your given time frame.
  • Fast and reliable – We’re partnered with several service providers to ensure a high volume of people can be contacted as quickly as possible.
  • Resilient – Our system balances messages between providers to ensure resilience, with agreements in place to increase reach, so that your message does go out.
  • Fully scalable – Managed within the cloud, the service can increase to your requirements as needed.
  • Secure – Necessary data is stored, encrypted and protected against unauthorised people receiving the alert.
  • Feedback focused – Receive flexible feedback options on replies through the web-based platform.
  • Personalised – Personalise messages with fields such as the name, date, and any other fields to tailor your message.


SMS messages to mobiles within 5 minutes


Emails to individual email addresses within 5 minutes


Voice messages to mobiles within 5 minutes
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