Blog: Antivirus booster

An estimated 25% of PCs are not protected with AV software. Published on: 15th December 2021
Blog: Antivirus booster

We have no doubt all heard of computer viruses. In fact, we’re probably sick of the word ‘virus’ full-stop! However, antivirus software is probably the best and most basic first-line defence in keeping your IT safe.

What is antivirus?

Antivirus software, or anti-virus software (“AV”), is a computer program used to prevent, detect and remove malicious software (also known as malware) that has been specifically designed to disrupt, harm or gain unauthorised access to a device or computer system.

There are other terms you might have heard of too, such as trojan (a type of malware disguised as legitimate software, that is used to hack into a victim’s computer) and ransomware (a type of malware that makes data or systems unusable until the victim makes a payment).

AV software plays an important role in keeping a device safe and secure from malicious threats and vulnerabilities.

An estimated 25% of PCs are not protected with AV software.

Our consultants estimate that over 50% of systems the team test do not have up to date AV software, making it much easier for hackers to steal your data or intercept your banking details or credit card information.

Mac users be Cautious

Senior Vice President of Software Engineering at Apple Inc stated “Today, we have a level of malware on the Mac that we don’t find acceptable and is much worse than iOS.” This means even apple think its own protection is not good enough.

Which antivirus should I choose?

There’s many providers and you need to find the right provider that suits you and your business.

We work with all the key AV software houses and can help you choose the right technology based on your budget, needs and specific requirements.

From a home user perspective, many specialists say that you don’t need to pay for antivirus but agree paid AV is better. The interesting stat we ask is how many of these specialists have free AV? And none had free AV which is interesting and shows they don’t trust free AV, even though they suggest that you should.

It’s worth checking with your provider as many will provide you free licensing for home use with your business license.

Managing your AV

As with all manner of virus, malware is being ever evolved by cyber criminals and, therefore, it’s imperative that your antivirus software is kept up to date by running the software updates and patches released by your chosen software provider.

As with many companies, unless you have a dedicated team of specialists to manage the right solution, ongoing management can be time consuming and complex. Don’t be scared to get a 3rd party specialist to help you. Badly managed AV is worse than no AV. We can help fill this gap and do so for hundreds of companies. Just pick up the phone or email us or get in touch for more information.

Whilst AV won’t protect you against every attack, many of the solutions we provide can protect you against common cyber-attacks including ransomware and even automatically remove a threat if found before you fall victim.

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