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SMB Cyber Security: Encircle

A complete SMBs cyber security without the maintenance, overheads and heavy resource investment only large businesses would be able to afford.
Offering SMBs peace of mind

Offering SMBs peace of mind

Forget disjointed, or incomplete SMB cyber security services. Encircle offers a fully managed solution, covering everything from installation to configuration of a firewall, email, endpoint and mobile detection.

What makes Encircle unique is the inclusive monitoring service what we manage from our UK SOC (Security Operations Centre). Our team will be on hand when you need them to proactively defend your devices, emails and websites from cyber criminals.

Cyber Security for SMBs

Cloud and mobile technology offer SMBs the opportunity to decrease their costs and increase their dynamism in an increasingly competitive market.

However, in doing so they expose themselves to an increased risk of cyber attacks, with 61% of SMBs experiencing an attack during the last year.

Due to less IT resources and expertise, small businesses are the target of 43% of all data breaches, costing an average of over £2.5m per incident.


The Encircle Solution for SMBs

Encircle Security offers SMBs a complete security package which works to protect your business from cyber attack.

Our UK SOC team will handle the installation, configuration and maintenance of the solution, meaning a seamless transition to full protection through:

  • Firewall – Threat intelligence and experts from our SOC integrate communication and security into a best of breed firewall, blocking threats to bolster security within your office environment.
  • Email – Have complete SMB cloud email protection for Office 365 and Google Suite. Our advanced solution includes anti-phishing, URL inspection and sandboxing (content disarm and reconstruction) for incoming and internal emails to protect your employee’s data and communications.
  • Endpoint – Windows and MacOS are protected anywhere against known, unknown and zero-day attacks, with enhancement from access control, web protection, sandboxing and endpoint forensics analysis to understand the nature of threats.
  • Mobile – No matter where you’re located, this comprehensive protection of iOS and Android devices covers vulnerabilities, malicious apps and more.

Access to the SOC

You will be monitored by our specialist UK SOC who manage hundreds of clients worldwide, from SMBs to global enterprise businesses.

Our SOC will be your eyes and ears for your cyber security.

We become your very own security team and we manage all Encircle Security, so you don’t have to do anything.



of all data breaches are targeted at small business


of all SMBs experienced a cyber attack during the last year


is the average cost of a data breach to a SMB
Start Securing Your Business

Start Securing Your Business

This fully managed solution comes in 4 packages for SMBs, with the option of up to 10, 25, 50 or 100 users, making it tailored to your business needs.

Remove the confusion and opt for Encircle for SMB cyber security, a complete package which offers security on everything from your devices, and the cloud services, apps, and websites.

Speak with one of our team to see how Encircle will enhance your business security at enquires@communicate.technology

Download the Encircle brochure here.

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