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XDR Solution: NAZAR X

Unified XDR and SIEM for endpoints and cloud workloads with a 24/7 UK based SOC continuously monitoring and providing active response.

Ingest, Detect, Analyse & Respond

NAZAR X is protection for public clouds, private clouds, on-premise data centres and endpoints across the globe.

This technology ingests multiple feeds from systems and services across your organisation, including services deployed in the cloud, to allow correlation of diverse events and log entries.

This enables us to build you a threat view from diverse data items which may seem unconnected but, when analysed by our specialists, point toward an attack or data breach. This gives you the knowledge and insight to help prevent cyber incidents and attacks.

How NAZAR X Works

NAZAR X controls the automated collection and management of audit logs and events from across the entire network. This gives a detailed view of activity from almost any system.

Our Security Operations Centre (SOC) Analysts provide you with granular analysis, alerting and reporting.

This initial tuning process will hone the NAZAR X solution to help establish when a Security Alert needs to be generated.

NAZAR X virtual devices can be located in your Communicate secure datacentre, or within your existing premises or third-party hosting sites.

NAZAR X features include:

  • Network intrusion detection
  • Host-based intrusion detection
  • SIEM event correlation
  • Vulnerability monitoring and assessments

NAZAR X SOC Service 

The NAZAR X solution is complemented by a full managed service which combines next generation technologies and 24/7 monitoring from our UK based SOC.

Our SOC monitors, detects and responds to alerts and advises you on any corrective actions. Alternatively, our SOC can manage the entire process end to end.

SOC features include:

  • Installation and initial tuning of SIEM solution
  • Ongoing tuning and updated rules on new vulnerabilities
  • Monitoring of your environment for vulnerable systems and reporting on them if they become vulnerable
  • 24/7 monitoring and response of your systems
  • Analysis of false positives
  • Identification of real threats
  • Response or eradication of real threats

Outsourcing vs Insourcing 

If you have the internal capacity and infrastructure, implementing your own solution might have quicker response times.

However, implementing your own SIEM requires upfront costs of hardware, licensing, consultancy, and SOC staff.

By using our UK based SOC specialists, we monitor, detect and alert you only when we see a real threat or, in pre-defined scenarios, eliminate the threat on your behalf.

Our service is designed to remove obstacles commonly faced with self-implemented/managed SIEM solutions like:

  • Wrong technology or implementation
  • Lack of internal expertise
  • Not running 24/7
  • Lack of time
  • Budget

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