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VoIP For Business

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) is the best and most reliable way to connect calls from your clients to yourself, seamlessly working through fibre connections to offer flexible and clear conversations.

Get the right VoIP package at the right price

Our VoIP solutions can offer you higher quality and reliability of calls, and usually at a more cost-effective price.

Our bespoke packages will ensure you have all-inclusive minutes to local, national and mobile numbers.

Also, you can manage and monitor your call costs closely, making sure you have everything you need to connect your conversations.

How We Can Help You

Whether you’re looking to set up a new VoIP service, or transfer from an analogue connection, we’ll take care of everything from transferring your existing numbers, to providing handsets and fibre broadband if you need it.

If you have CCTV systems, lifts etc that work through analogue connections, we can work with your providers to facilitate the switch.

Find out more about the digital switch FAQ in our blog.

What's Included

Whether it’s call routing numbers across the globe, diverting calls to other devices, call whispering, voicemail, call history, call waiting, unknown calling, call barring, blacklisting and call history.

Our migration service offers peace of mind, and we can manage the transfer of your treasured numbers from your existing supplier onto our SIP platform seamlessly. We can even mirror your numbers whilst they’re being patched across meaning no downtime from your communications.

With a full suite of telecoms services ready for deployment, whether you need a standard or bespoke service we’ve got you covered.

"They (Communicate) have drastically improved our efficiency and communication with the introduction of VoIP telephony."

“The biggest compliment is that they are very responsive, and challenge what we require or suggest, they have been a good move for us."

"We have formed a genuine partnership with Communicate and a broader relationship with Tony, Dave and Chris. We receive strong day-to-day support, and guidance and make many recommendations; they are helping to drive our success and vice versa."

Scott Mounsey, Finance Director, Cotterhill Limited, trading as Franks The Flooring Store and Maguires Country Parks.

Now is the time to upgrade to VoIP

As the analogue switch off in 2025 looms, those not operating through VoIP will be forced to make an upgrade, or be left without a telephone service.

With VoIP offering crystal clear communication and a future proof strategy for your telecoms, anyone operating on the copper line need not worry about making the transition. However, not making a change puts your business at risk of losing connectivity, and ultimately custom, altogether.

Act soon and make the strategic choice to upgrade, rather than having to crisis manage when your analogue lines are switched off.

Learn more in our analogue switch off guide here.


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