Using Digital Transformation to Optimise Value

Published on: 11th June 2024
Using Digital Transformation to Optimise Value

In the organisational quest to do more with less, the importance of cost reduction and digitalisation has become a twin imperative. Businesses are expected to find better resource alignment, margins, output, client favour, and ultimately growth year-on-year to keep ahead of the competition. Never has technology been so fundamental in achieving these organisational aims, so the concept of strategic digital transformation can no longer be ignored.

Value Optimisation

There are two ways of approaching value optimisation. The first one is to identify and remove expenditures that do not provide added value or are simply not worth the exchange. Alternatively, you can optimise processes to improve efficiency, and decrease costs or increase value as a by-product. An audit of what you are paying for your existing digital solutions will highlight areas for improvement.  For example, your SIEM solution might be more costly than the industry average, or you may find a product that unifies a series of essential cyber security services, which not only offers cost efficiencies but also saves you time in sourcing compatible products from different providers. When it comes to your IT, understanding what you’re paying for can help you assess whether you have duplication in your existing solution and, ultimately, whether it is providing value.

Digital Transformation

Across verticals, there is accelerated digital transformation due to businesses looking for more ways to optimise revenue and growth. Digital transformation is a long-term strategy to achieve organisational goals through continual improvement with the integration of technology. It starts with asking the question, what is most important to your organisation, and how can technology help? Whether that’s slick collaboration across your teams, upholding stellar customer communication, or securing your intellectual property, the correct application of technical tools can unlock new levels of excellence. Ultimately, your business can only perform as well as your IT infrastructure allows it to, so a seamless integration of data, applications, and services that work harmoniously and flexibly is paramount.

Choosing a Partner

No one understands your organisational vision better than you do, and your IT infrastructure will need to be set up to support your unique requirements. Your networks, telecoms, cloud, and cyber security needs to be optimised to support your needs by a specialist in those areas.

Historically, companies have offered one or two services to their clients, leaving the services working in isolation which results in needlessly high costs. Consolidating the support of all your IT services with a single provider means that they will become familiar with your requirements and tailor response and service towards your long-term growth and innovation priorities, all while ensuring that your spending is efficient and you get maximum yield from your investment. A single provider will also be able to offer agile and flexible solutions that can adapt as your business evolves as well as providing fast and friendly support which takes your whole infrastructure into account rather than just one specific part of it.

If you’re looking to make the most of your assets and spending, leveraging digital tools from a single trusted provider is probably the best way to make sure your processes are efficient, bespoke and technologically advanced. Please get in touch if you’d like to have a chat to see how we can help.


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