How IT Internships Foster Talent in Tech

Published on: 19th September 2023
How IT Internships Foster Talent in Tech

Communicate is deeply committed to investing in its staff and empowering the next generation in tech, so today we are spotlighting two brilliant young professionals who have interned with us recently.

Oliver Bennet and Aryaan Mehta share their experience of IT internships and Communicate Director Mark Styles comments on how interns provide value within companies like ours.

Opening Opportunities:

In a competitive job market where digital skills are key, many hiring managers find that the majority of applicants lack sufficient experience for the role they’re applying for, creating a digital skills gap. IT internships can be the bridge between academic learning and real-world applications.

Oliver Bennet started working as an intern IT Infrastructure Engineer with us during college work experience. This opportunity allowed him to gain hands-on experience and immerse himself in the world of IT infrastructure.

Oliver shares, “Working with Communicate has given me the chance to learn on the job whilst completing college, and to me working in the role has been more beneficial than sitting in a lesson. I have really enjoyed working here so far, it’s a relaxed workplace while also maintaining a responsible, calm atmosphere. It’s definitely been one of my best choices in life.”

Professional Development and Skill Enhancement:

Aryaan Mehta’s story exemplifies how internships provide a platform for students to develop essential skills. After he completed his first year of studies in Cyber Security with Digital Forensics at Leeds Beckett University, he joined us for a summer internship.

This practical exposure gave Aryaan a deeper understanding of the industry’s real challenges and allowed him to refine his skill set in both hard and soft skills. Aryaan comments, “Working here, I have learned to utilise various scanning systems and how they can be used properly to help secure clients. I have also learned to write reports and build my communication skills. It has given me a better idea of what my university course has not touched upon and to further develop my learning in those areas.”

Exposure to Expertise:

IT internships at Communicate offer much more than just shadowing experienced professionals. Our interns work alongside experts who mentor and guide them, creating a stimulating learning environment. The guidance young professionals receive can be essential in shaping their career paths, and they may even follow in the footsteps of mentors to lead their own teams.

Oliver remarks, “Having the opportunity to work with experienced engineers has been great, everyone is so friendly and always happy to help and share their expertise when I need it. It’s helped build my communication and time management skills, as well as my responsibility and maturity.”

Networking Opportunities:

In the tech industry, alike many others, networking plays a vital role in building a successful career. Interns at Communicate are encouraged to interact with various teams and professionals, fostering a spirit of collaboration. This exposure introduces them to potential mentors, colleagues, and future employers.

Aryaan shares, “The hands-on work experience has been valuable for networking with people who have more experience. My experience interning has given me the confidence to work in a team environment, which traditional education would not have given me.”

Mark Styles, our Operations Director based at Discovery Park in Kent, commented, “Internships are extremely important in the technology industry, as young IT entrepreneurs are given the platform to excel. It’s good to get someone fresh from school or college because it’s a clean starting point for them. They haven’t picked up any bad habits, they’re keen to learn IT and it’s great to give youngsters the opportunity to get hands-on in a fantastic organisation like this.”

Supporting and nurturing talent growth in the tech industry is a win-win for both businesses and aspiring professionals. We’re excited to say that Oliver Bennet has been given a full-time position with us as an Apprentice IT Infrastructure Engineer, and Aryaan Mehta has returned to university to complete his second year of studies. We wish them both the best in their next chapters!

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