2023 SMB Cyber Security: New Year, New Goals

by David Johnson, Cyber Director Published on: 4th January 2023
2023 SMB Cyber Security: New Year, New Goals

The SMB Landscape in 2023

With the rapid evolution of information technology, small and medium sized businesses (SMBs) are continually adapting new ways of working, and 2023 will be no different. However, 2023 SMB cyber security must be equally dynamic.

As hubs of innovation, science parks house many SMBs where collaborative tools such as Teams and Outlook, remote access services such as VPNs and clouds, and adoption of mobile technology are increasingly imperative to their scientific research, discovery and collaboration.

However, in adopting new data sharing technologies, many businesses have been left more vulnerable to cybercrime. These new ways of working pose new vulnerabilities and entry points for cyber criminals looking to extract monies or intel to steal.

Whilst experts in their own fields of research and science, protection of their IP and data is not necessarily as realised or invested enough in. Often looking to invest in innovation, smaller businesses with a bare minimum approach to cyber security have a 43% chance of attacks resulting in a breach, compared to only 17% amongst those who balance cyber and business objectives (*Accenture, 2020).

Any innovative SMB understands the burden of maintenance, overheads and heavy resource investment required to launch your own project, and cyber security is no different. Alternatively, by outsourcing these tasks you could leave yourself vulnerable to disjointed, or incomplete cyber protection and overpaying for services. Yet, whilst it feels like only large businesses can afford a complete cyber security solution, the cost of a breach could be fatal to any SMB.

Enterprise level security, at a SMB price point is what we set out to achieve. Having worked with everyone from start-ups to large companies we know what a good cyber security strategy and solution looks like, so we pooled our best minds to create an answer to the problem. Following a pilot of the solution with some of our SMB clients, Encircle was born.


New Cyber Threats, New Resolutions 

You may be looking to pick up and drop habits in the new year. We vow to exercise to keep our heart healthy, as we take it for granted until something goes wrong, and cyber security is exactly the same. Until you take control of the situation, you’re one beat away from disaster.

The Encircle security solution offers everything from installation and configuration to management of a firewall, email, endpoint and mobile detection, offering you full protection in one swoop.

Included is our monitoring service managed from our fully UK based SOC (Security Operations Centre), where our team is on hand to proactively defend your devices, emails and websites from cyber criminals for full 2023 SMB cyber security.

This fully managed solution is fully  tailored to business needs. Billed on a monthly basis, SMBs get to access a level of security not usually available to companies of their size for a bite-sized monthly cost, based on the number of users in their organisation.

Get a handle on your cyber security this year. Speak with one of our team to see how Encircle can enhance your or your tenants’ business security at enquires@communicate.technology.

* Accenture (2021) The State of Cyber Security Resilience in 2021, Accenture . Available at: https://www.accenture.com/us-en/insights/security/invest-cyber-resilience (Accessed: December 14, 2022).

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